Quoting a politician these days is likely to lose you half your audience, but Ross Perot made headlines back in the 1990s. Much has happened since them. Perot was a billionaire businessman, his quote uses a sports analogy to inspire. At Sporting Chance Press, we are all about inspiration from sports.

How many times in sports and in life are we about to give up. Perot experienced great success in business and based on his life, I don’t think he was about to give up too easily. Several of our books feature life lessons that can be applied to life.

I remember reading about the extreme discipline and work ethic it takes to compete in figure skating in our book Maddie Takes the Ice by Nicolette House. For young middle grade readers, Maddie Takes the Ice is an exciting novel that takes readers into the reality of skating competition. And like our books, the book promotes values and virtues that are important in a person’s life as well as society in general. Work ethic is a belief that work has a moral value that can strengthen character.

Our recent books, Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways (middle grade) by Patrick McCaskey and Baseball’s Winning Ways (upper grades–Young Adult) by J. D. Thorne entertain readers on sports, but also do more. Our Winning Ways books report on sports as well as historical development; they look at some sports legends; define terms critical to their stories; provide learning exercises to make the most of the books; and they provide a means of helping readers create habits of virtue.