Sporting Chance Press is a small, but conventional publishing company. It is not a self-publishing company.

I believe we are seeing a swing to print books again. I don’t mind selling ebooks, but frankly, they don’t really sell well in our genre. Companies that process book orders are gearing up with many new hires and warehouses are opening up.

There are tons of old books that were on publishing company’s backlists or buried lists. Many titles went for next to nothing when firms and imprints were bought out. At the time, I believe the value of these old titles was next to nothing. But now with print-on-demand technology, publishers can make older books available without inventorying them. But the problem is that to sell anything, it takes a magnificent effort generally through some digital e-marketing efforts. As most everything is being sold on the internet these days, the marketing effort is not likely to get any cheaper.

If you think you can go online and see everything that was published on a subject, you are wrong. I believe what we see from the current sites on books is just a small portion of what was printed.

Publishing theft continues on books that are showing up on pirate sites that seem legit. If you think that foreign powers were only interested in elections, I can tell you that pirate sites from many countries have been plaguing all kinds of businesses for many years.  For whatever reason, this theft does not seem to stir up any emotion in people. For books, the theft is intellectual property and for some reason that does not elicit much conviction from people.