Sports offers much good in itself, but it is also an excellent metaphor for life. If we can approach life with enthusiasm, the contest is pure joy. If we can approach life with passion and not pressure, we can achieve our goals.

Most of us have had first hand experiences with sports. We try and we succeed or fail; we persevere and we win or lose. When we put too much pressure on ourselves, preparation becomes an impossible chore. We fall short of what we need to do. We underperform.

We get a different result if we embrace life challenges like a small child who sets out to master a bicycle, a skateboard or a swing with joy and enthusiasm. Astonishing progress is made. Regardless of age, we need to recapture the enthusiasm and throw out the harmful self-doubt and pressure. We need to set our goals optimistically, whether they are for an Olympic gold medal or 12-minute mile walk, whether we want to lose 50 pounds or gain a stronger hold on life.

Our goal at Sporting Chance Press is to provide entertaining books that can give readers a lift. When sport is at its best, there is a payoff constantly taking shape. We are improving, whether it is building self esteem, improving health, developing strong social skills, or learning the habit of achievement.