Many people believe the Chicago Bears have a solid team and the right amount of confidence to make a legitimate run for the Super Bowl this 2019  season.

I can remember shopping at the Jewel in the winter of 1985 and seeing a small TV set in an aisle that was playing the Super Bowl Shuffle. I had not heard anything about the song or plans to release it, it was just playing.  People were walking by the TV set and smiling and laughing.  It was contagious and honestly one of the those moments I will remember the rest of my life. People were talking about it here in Bears’ country for several months.

At the time, I had a young family with a few tiny ones that I would often watch during games. Sometimes a wet diaper would remain on for a few minutes with one of the kids as the Bears were pummeling some team and moving towards the Super Bowl.

Looking back at the Super Bowl Shuffle, it seems incredible that the video ever got made. I have to wonder in today’s world whether it  could ever happen.  Salaries continue to rise and I can just see the agents questioning the time required. The NFL has certainly more legal irons in the fire these days–I don’t even know if the “Super Bowl” could be used in the title. But  I do think the song could likely make a hundred times more money than the original. It’s licensed use on the internet could ring up some wild financials in today’s online world.

But the song reminds me of just how exciting the times were in those days. The Bears rushing towards a Super Bowl with a group of very likeable players in the lead. And I think that’s something that could happen this year with the team that the Bears have assembled. I sure miss Walter Payton, but you gotta love Tarik Cohen. Mike Singeltary’s glare was special and other defensive characters stand out like Hampton, McMichael, Wilson, etc. But the 2019 Bears have defensive players like Goldman, Hicks, Smith,  and Mack.  Long,  Daniels, Leno and Massie are making new names for a terrific new offensive line. We might not see a Super Bowl Shuffle song this year, but we might see a Super Bowl contender.