Patrick McCaskey

Patrick McCaskey began work for the Chicago Bears Organization in 1974 and he serves as a Vice President and he is on the Chicago Bears Board of Directors. Pat works on many Bears’ community outreach programs. He works with the players and staff to continue the faith stewardship programs that have a long history with the team. Pat is chairman of Sports Faith International an initiative, which recognizes people who are successful in sports while leading exemplary lives. Sports Faith International has a Catholic radio station, WSFI, 88.5 FM, which broadcasts in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Pat is a speaker recognized for his moving and humorous presentations on sports, community and faith.

Nicolette House

Nicolette House is a journalist, author, and certified professional life and health coach. She holds a master’s degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalist at Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from DePaul University. She is a four-time United States Figure Skating gold medalist. Skating since the age of three, she went on to compete in European, World, and international ice dance competitions with her skating partner, Aidas Reklys, representing Lithuania.

Mike Cameron

We lost Mike Cameron in the summer of 2017 after his Cubs had won the World Series. Mike was a sportsman, a former pitcher, and someone would could spin a superb baseball story. When he wasn’t adding to the literature of sports, he was promoting it with his work with sports media. A baseball umpire, Mike had a passion for the fair, the accurate, and the underdog—as was evident by his magnum opus, Public Bonehead, Private Hero: The Real Legacy of Baseball’s Fred Merkle, which we published.

J.D. Thorne

J. D. Thorne is a baseball aficionado who is a well-known employment law attorney. After playing baseball for the University of Wisconsin, J. D. played more than 20 years of highly-competitive amateur ball. He has been involved in many civic organizations, including a group that is working to get men’s baseball reestablished at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to his most recent book, The 10 Commandments of Baseball, Thorne is the author of the classic management text, Concise Guide to Successful Employment Practices. Thorne is a frequent speaker to various civic groups and business organizations.

Lawrence Norris

Lawrence Norris is an author and the publisher of Sporting Chance Press. He has worked in publishing and the book trade for over 40 years. Norris has a little marble angel on his desk that reminds him that his guardian angel “looks over” all his labor. Norris wears a brown scapular like the ones that he wore as a student at Mount Carmel High School in Chicago. Norris hopes that the Dominican Sisters at Saint Cajetan grammar school, the Carmelites at Mount Carmel High School, the Benedictines at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and all the magnificent teachers that took Norris on, will all love his work.

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