We always have sports for as a metaphor for life and it works every time. Athletes don’t get very far if they don’t sacrifice. Teams don’t get very far if teammates don’t work together. It really is in some ways kind of natural and organic. Getting back to basics is something that many people long for today as often our world seems to crumble around us. .

In life, human beings get off track when they focus everything on themselves and their pleasure.  These lifestyles explode in the face of those who fall prey to temptations.

Our ambition at Sporting Chance Press is promoting the good and that comes with a mix of sports and faith. Our Sports and Faith series by Patrick McCaskey includes many stories of sports figures and the good that they do.  The series also has a strong central theme of Christian faith. That makes sense when you consider the fact that our author is both a Chicago Bears Vice President and someone who is deeply involved in his faith. Our 2016 book called Pilgrimage is perhaps a perfect storm of sports and faith.  At the beginning of each chapter, readers get a quick history on various Christian pilgrimage sites such as El Camino de Santiago, the Holy Land, Rome, Lourdes, Fatima, and others. A little history helps give readers the basics on these pilgrimages. Then there are stories of exceptional athletes who live exemplary lives like ND swimmer Haley Scott, Army softball star and officer April Ortenza, Olympic speedskater Kristin Holum (now Sister Catherine Mary), college basketball star Sister Rita Clare Yoches, and Carmel Catholic High School coach and teacher Mike Fitzgibbons. Found in all this is the author’s own family experiences as a member of the founding Chicago Bears Halas-McCaskey family.