Here’s the intro to our book, Baseball’s Winning Ways by J. D. Thorne, a perfect book for the start of spring–a book that grandfathers, fathers, and their children will all appreciate:


Baseball Is a Beautiful Game

I look out the window to see my grandchildren tossing around a baseball. By their smiles, I can see they are having fun—just like their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents did before them.

Enjoyed in a variety of ways, baseball can be played with just a few players in catch, running bases, home run derby, strike-out, and stickball. If more kids are available, it can be played in neighborhood games at the park or with a full line-up in organized play.

The finest thing about baseball is that when it is taught and coached properly, players learn to improve in many ways. Players develop certain habits of good behavior. Some call these virtues, but most think of them as fundamentals or principles. Baseball players learn these principles when they are young.

With good coaching, principles are reinforced in practice after practice, in game after game. The greatest coach in Major League Baseball history, Joe McCarthy, called his principles the “10 Commandments of Baseball.” Coaches have been using these for over 100 years, but few know about their origin!

Baseball’s Winning Ways can be read by all fans age 12 and older. Readers will find topics that take them to new interests. Schools, home schools, and libraries will find this book helpful as well.

Baseball’s Winning Ways discusses the history of the game and some famous players. This book touches on American history that took place while the game was played.  And it includes a feature developed by founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

Key terms and phrases in Baseball’s Winning Ways are noted in italic and explained in the glossary. A reader’s quiz, discussion questions, and Winning Ways Charts will help readers get the most from this book.