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“Baseball’s Union Negotiations Postscript”

After Baseball’s labor dispute, isn’t it delightful to read sports stories about Major League Baseball teams and their players?  Who is playing a spring training game today?  The White Sox were favored to beat the Blue Jays, if you wanted to place a bet.  I wonder what the season wins “over-under” number for 162 games is for Milwaukee Brewers.  It is only fun for me to cheer for them winning.   So the question becomes is the number of wins on season set at more than I think they can reasonably make?  Last spring I thought the bar was set too high for the Brewers at 88 games, but the Brewers were Central Division champions with over 90 wins. I should have made the bet!

What were there the recent “free agent” signings?  , Freddie Freeman signed with the rich L. A. Dodgers. Former MVP Andrew McCutchen signed with Milwaukee Brewers to be its new D.H. and substitute outfielder. Indeed, McCutchen hit 2 HR’s yesterday in a Spring Training game!

Former Cub and Giant, Kris Bryant signed with Colorado Rockies to play third. Boston Red Sox signed former Rockie, Trevor Story, to be its shortstop to the delight of “rose hose” fans!  Our favorite home town team Milwaukee Brewers avoided arbitration by signing for $11 million with its star relief pitcher Josh Hader!

Even the announcements of the local rock bands for the Opening Day tailgate parties at American Family Field are good news!  Indeed, the Wisconsin Alumni Association Milwaukee Chapter announced its outing to attend a minor league game in June!  I pledged to buy two tickets for a September game in interleague play against the N.Y. Yankees.  It could be a preview of a World Series match-up!  There is lots of fun ahead now for at least the next 5 years before the next reset!

The most curious part of the settlement was that the eight players on the union bargaining team were unanimous in rejecting the last management offer.  I suppose they felt because holding out was getting more and more in the offers from the owners, so why not keep saying, “no?”  The biggest fear for many union bargaining teams in the nature of the beast is not being subject to future criticism that it “left more on the table.”  So, the last management offer was put to a team-by-team vote with the side receiving 50%+1 on each team casting one vote.  Remarkably, the regular players wanted to play, with only six teams voting to continue rejecting the proposal from MLB Commissioner Manfred.  Thus, everyone wins!  We fans can celebrate!

I wonder what the season “over-under” number is for Cardinals?  I imagine it is higher than for the Brewers?


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