When we began working on Baseball’s Winning Ways we wanted to make the best book on baseball. We had a central theme about how baseball directly fosters winning ways from the earliest days of learning the game. But beyond that theme, we wanted to include baseball player biographies, some of the author’s special interest (J. D. Thorne) on fascinating baseball topics, along with some history. We were out to build a kind of perfect storm of a baseball book.

The writing level at times is advanced, but another feature of the book is a glossary that explains terms and presents information outside the general flow of the baseball storyline. This makes the book accessible for most readers age 12 through adult.  We increased the utility of the book by adding learning aids to make the book useful in classrooms and libraries. We felt compelled to do this because there was much in the book that can useful in modern learning settings–even those like home schooling and distance learning. Then we went for the fences by adding historical information, photographs, and illustrator Bill Potter‘s creations called “Curveball Quizzes” that are reminiscent of vintage baseball cards.

Baseball’s Winning Ways is a book that really can be appreciated by grandparents, parents, and sons. Boys desperately need books like Baseball’s Winning WaysBaseball’s Winning Ways is a keeper that we hope young men will hold onto their entire lives.

Baseball’s Winning Ways has its own rewards for adult fans. The biographies cover some of the legendary players as well as some of the most interesting current stars. Readers are reminded of baseball history and bit of American history as well by decade. Interesting photographs make the book easy on the eyes–great content make it a pleasure  to read.