It’s interesting to look at the Bears this year and last. Last year the Bears were 3-3. They lost to Green Bay in the opener. They beat Seattle, Arizona, Tampa Bay, and then lost to the Dolphins and New England.

This year, the Bears lost to Green Bay, they beat Denver, Washington, Minnesota, and then lost to the Raiders and the Saints.

Last year for the first five games, Trubisky was getting better, but then his stats came way down when the Bears lost to the New England Patriots. I am not surprised at this because the Patriots rarely let-up.  They generally win every game they are supposed to win.

This year, Trubisky’s stats improved in the first three games with a 116.5 pass rating in game three versus the Redskins. Everything pointed up for the Bears quarterback, but he was injured early on against the Vikings and had to sit out the rest of that game and skip the Raiders. Is it any  surprise that his game against the Saints was subpar? Realistically, it may be a few more games before he is back up to speed.