This weekend the Chicago Bears will not be on the field entertaining fans. This is called a bye week and each team has one during the season. The next Bears game will be on October 20, 2019.

Even the most loyal Bear fans will be watching something else this weekend. The time between games can be dull for fans, the players and coaches are busy. On Wednesday, the Bears re-signed tight end Bradley Sowell and released quarterback Tyler Bray. Bray was brought up as a backup for the London game and his release suggests that there is much hope that Trubisky will be ready for the Saints.

Players like Bray and Sowell can make a significant contribution to the team, but they are subject to swings back and forth on the rooster. Unlike last year, injuries have been more difficult. Eddie Pineiro has been injured and Pat O’Donnell has been taking the kick-off duties while Pineiro is healing, although he remains the field goal kicker. Mitchell Trubisky is suffering from a shoulder injury that is week-to-week.  Taylor Gabriel, Akiem Hicks, Ted Larson, Bilal Nichols, Kyle Long, Trey Burton, Eddie Jackson, Roy Robertson-Harris, and others have dealt with injuries this season. All the Bears coaches know the injury dynamics of the game.

On offense, the Bears have to play better and they have to stay on the field longer or their defense will suffer as well. Injuries can also have an affect on  special teams as some players who are filling holes in the roster will no longer be asked to play in their special teams role. It is a complex web that is weaved out there on the football field and as plans are laid out for upcoming games.

Some fans can get down in the weeds of game planning, injuries and strategies. Others just show up for the game or tune in and let it roll. I suspect most of us fans pay more attention to the critical positions and have our ideas generally. My thoughts are generally that the Bears will be improving as the season moves on. It’s actually a good thing that they are not peaking now. There is enough depth to maintain the tough defense, but the offensive line could be a problem–let’s hope not. If Matt Nagy can pull it altogether, I think he will for a ride into the playoffs. Winning the NFC Championship or the Super Bowl depends on too many factors for most human to predict at this time.

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