The Bears did not pick until the third round this year.  In the third round, David Montgomery from Iowa State was a fit for the Bears. The Bears had met with him a few times before the draft (at the combine and at home) and according to Ryan Pace, they believe he fit all the particulars for which they were looking. When the Bears had so few selections this year, you got the idea that they would be focused. I suspect it is also important to understand that with Matt Nagy’s offense, they can use many players with specific skills. Teams are typically not looking for players who are near perfect certainly in the third round.

Even though Montgomery may not have blazing speed that does not make him any less attractive.  According to folks back home in Iowa, Montgomery has the character traits teams want today given some of the awful problems that have some up recently. Montgomery earned the Eagle Scout rank.  One thing you see from the films is that Montgomery does move though the front line quickly, throws off tacklers, and is able to keep his balance. They also say his is one of those guys who works as hard anyone, in training and in the film room.  Also important for the Bears, he is a good receiver. The Bears traded up to get Montgomery. Tarik Cohen, Mike Davis, and David Montgomery will all be making contributions this year. There are other running backs in the mix as well.

Riley Ridley

In the fourth round, the Bears picked up 6-foot-1 199 pound wide receiver Riley Ridley another Georgia player.  Riley is the younger brother of Calvin Ridley who plays for the Falcons. He will join other Georgia Bears Leonard Floyd, Roquan Smith, and Javon Wims.  The Bears were surprised Ridley was still on the board and are happy to have snagged him. The Bears receiver corps now includes Anthony Miller, Javon Wims, Riley Ridely, Allen Robinson, and Taylor Gabriel.

Duke Shelley

In the sixth round, the Bears picked up cornerback Duke Shelly from Kansas State. Shelley is 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds. Shelley is a smaller cornerback with much talent but is coming off a toe injury that limited his numbers in his senior year.

Kerrith Whyte and Steven Denmark

In the seventh round, the Bears picked up Kerrith Whyte and Steven Denmark. Whyte is a blazing fast running back from Florida Atlantic who will have to compete with a number of players to make the roster. Denmark is a 6-foot-3 212 pound cornerback who switched over from tight end in his last season with Voldosta State.  Denmark based on his short time on defense with be a work-in-progress, but he  has a potential huge upside based on his athleticism.

The Bears also picked up 19 undrafted free agents.

I am surprised to hear  how the Bears are moving right along on  their way to the Super Bowl according to some sports writers and analysts. They are saying that this draft was just a  way to pick up some depth.  These include sports writers and analysts who at the beginning of last season were suggesting that Mitchell Trubisky was not the answer and the Bears were years away for success. I think the Bears were on the right path last year, but I have a hard time thinking that their playoff journey is going to be anything but difficult and challenging. Before the Bears let some free agents go, they already had some weaknesses in the rooster.  I know their young players are getting better, but they need a lot of good things to happen before they are a top contender.  I hope they get there, but I can not be so confident. One thing for sure though, is they should be very entertaining and exciting to watch.