At the time the Chicago Bears took it on the chin against the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Chargers, and New Orleans Saints–you would have thought the Bears were upset. Yes, they lost, but their three opponents are good teams. The Saints are one of the best, at 7-1 in the NFC South, first in their division. The Eagles and Chargers are good, but not great; although the Charges beat the NFL North leading Packers last weekend.

On top of the league, the New England Patriots are 8-1 after losing to the Baltimore Ravens last weekend. The San Francisco 49ers are 8-0. These teams are well ahead of the pack right now.  The Ravens beat New England a week after beating Seattle.  Monday, November 11, they take on the 49ers.  New England has a bye week and then they take on the Eagles on November 17.

I believe however, that the Bears opponents in the second half of the season will not be taking the Bears lightly.  The Bears may not have had  their act together, but I believe most of the NFL is waiting for them to explode. That may sound like a silly statement, but I don’t think the Bears 12-4 record last year was an anomaly.

What worries me more than the Bears performance thus far, is the loss of patience in the team. Patience is the key with a young quarterback who has the goods to be great. If the team can remain confident and play up to their potential, we won’t need the patience.

We need perseverance. We need stamina. We need faith.