If you listen to Matt Nagy’s approach to leading the Bears, it might strike you that the competitive, intelligent, committed, and vigorous coach for the Chicago Bears is directing a kind of 21st century morality play. The team is a group of men who are shaped into or have voluntarily bought into the idea of becoming a band of brothers who are seeking a high level of accomplishment for themselves, their families, their team and their fans.

They are also human beings so sometimes they make mistakes: moral, mental, and physical. They are in the process of becoming and Coach Nagy is leading them all together.  If they continue on their course, they will become a team that is much greater than its parts. Who knows where it might lead them?

This approach to greatness requires great patience in it’s players. The coach wants to see the best come out of his players and sometimes he must also suffer through dropped passes, missed interceptions, failed blocks, goalpost doinks, wounded ducks, missed tackles, and penalties.  This is a “best teammate” approach as opposed to a “just do your job and forget the rest” approach.

The Bears players are so focused on accomplishment, it seems their biggest problem is being too tight on the field to accomplish what they want. They need to loosen up a bit and this seems to happen at times during their games.  It certainly happened more often yesterday that the previous games. They will need to be loose, confident, and disciplined as the season moves on.

The next three games for the Bears are against the Eagles, the Lions, and the Rams. Away games against the Eagles and Rams, and they play the Lions on home. It should be fun.