As a Bear fan in Chicago I can tell you that there has been a lot of talk about Mitchell Trubisky and whether he has the right stuff to lead the Bears to the Super Bowl. The Bears have traditionally been a team that was measured by defense, so the quarterback may have been the leading frustration, but many fans had their eyes elsewhere.

Older fans or well-read ones may remember the words of defensive players for the 1963 Championship team. In those day, after stopping the opponent’s offense and requiring a punt, the defense would yield the field to the Bears offensive all the while yelling to their offensive members: just don’t turn the ball over.  This thought goes way back to when field placement often won games when a great defense created a turnover and the offense was able to score from 10 or 20 yards out.  However, even the early fathers of the game eventually came to think differently. Halas was a big proponent of the passing game and so was Curly Lambeau. I would think a number of owners knew that the game needed more action and scoring if it was to become the sporting phenomena it is today. Rules had to be changed that allowed for a good passing game.  Even the ball needed to become more “passable.”

The 1985 Bears get a lot of kudos for their great defense, but the offense had come a long way. The 1985 Bears would have not won the Super Bowl with simply a great defense. The Bears won Super Bowl XX, 46-10. At least 9 of the regular season games were not in doubt. All the playoff games were steamrollers. The offense is also critically important today.

If you watch the sports news today, the quarterbacks and receivers are getting a lot of press–and for good reason. Bear fans have been holding their breath waiting for the return of Michell Trubisky. Trubisky may be still in a “maturing” stage, but he is one of those quarterbacks that has the arm and the mobility to score the winning touchdown or get within field goal range in the last two minutes of a game coming from his own 20 yard line.  He is also a QB who can come back from a big deficit in the second half.  He is a QB who gives you hope.

At the same time, the Bears defense is remarkable–no doubt about that. And if the offense improves after Trubisky’s return, the defense will only get better as well with a little more rest during a game. There are some problems with the Bears right now as injuries continue to challenge the players and the coaches, but that is way the game works.  There is a lot of season remaining and much work that needs to be done. The Bears certainly have several of the top coaches in the league. The Bears has several of the top players as well.