Many of us learned some important life skills from Ben Franklin. Franklin got things done. In the days before American Revolution, Franklin was a super-achiever with his inventions, the businesses he operated, and his endless thoughts that he published in various publications. One thing that Benjamin Franklin seemed to obsess about in particular was self-improvement. In the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin we get a first hand account of some of Franklin’s self-help lessons.

Franklin’s wrote things down. That was important. Franklin had this idea that he needed help in creating virtuous habits of behavior. He decided that he needed to focus his effort on individual habits of virtue until those stuck. He created charts with a number of virtues on them. He would focus on one virtue at a time and each night he would grade himself on that virtue, but also look at how he did for all the virtues on his list. Educators have been using Franklin’s ideas for a long time and I liked them so much that at Sporting Chance Press we are using them in a new series for your people.

The first book in that series is Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways.