Our latest book, just out in fact, is Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways. It’s just been a few years since my youngest daughters went to High School football games. They spent almost all of their time hanging with friends and paid very little attention to the games. Sometimes when they got home I’d ask them for the score and they usually demonstrated no interest in the outcome. I am not saying every girls is like my daughters, but my observation from having 5 daughters and 1 stepdaughter, is that the majority of girls are like them. So to write and publish a book on football I tend to think most of my readers are going to be men.

In our Papa Bear book we mention many events that took place in the 20th century. These were big events like the Wars, the Depression, the dust bowl, and things that George Halas lived through while managing the Chicago Bears. Playing for and managing football teams and fighting wars are things that men have done. They still do them. As parents, some experts on boys have been telling us that we need to keep raising boys to do this kind of stuff rather than avoid any sense of masculine identity or interest in them. To raise boys to become good men, we also need to help them acquire good masculine virtues and habits that support them. And rather than avoid teaching them about patriotism, history, and culture–we need to educate them on those.

One 130 page book that promotes good stuff is not going to change the world. But of boys read our book and then study related topics and books it can make a difference. That’s why I feel good about publishing Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears Winning Ways, now available on Amazon.