We wrote a few descriptions of Midwest Public Libraries recently on our Sporting Chance News Blog.  The history of public libraries is fascinating.  Generally, there was a period in which a small number of institutions were created–many of them subscriber supported. And them in the late 1800s and early1900s, industrialist Andrew Carnegie and later  his Foundation, granted funds to construct free public libraries.  Typically.  selected grants were awarded to communities that could acquire land and ongoing support for expenses.  In this way, Carnegie was able to insure local support.
As a young man, Carnegie learned to appreciate how an access to books can help people get ahead.  He wanted to make books available for a greater number of people regardless their financial circumstances.
Here are the libraries and the posts that I have written so far:
Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln, Illinois

River Forest Public Library, River Forest, IllinoisAmes Public Library, Ames Iowa

Council Bluffs Public Library, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Batavia Public Library, Batavia, Illinois
Hackley Public Library, Muskegan, Michigan
Atchison Public Library, Atchison, Kansas
Altoona Public Library, Altoona, Wisconsin


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