Little Way Location

I have been involved in a mission from God, as the Blues Brothers would say.  For several years now I have been publishing and selling books on sports and faith. In some way, I was chosen for this work. It was a leap of faith as they say. I do what I can and ask God to do the rest–let’s just say that.

When you are selling things that have to do with religion and faith, I suppose some people believe you are trying to make money in the “faith business.” One thing that I can tell you is that it is just not the case.  You want to make a living, but this is not a good time to make money selling anything that has to do with or supports the faith–especially the Catholic faith. These are tough times. And although they are tough, I tell people, like a good friend who is a priest, that these trying times will  pass.
Although at the same time, I have seen some very good people suffer miserably in their pursuit to do good.  I have seen large publishing companies collapse and others bought out by some of the biggest publishing conglomerates only to collect a customer base and then put them to bed forever. Many of the best Catholic publishers are just no longer alive–although some can be found at the bottom of a list of imprints.  In some cases, I found monastery imprints that hold some copyrights, but are not active and are waiting for better times. But most are owned by big companies who take a few properties and try them out for a while and just let the whole thing die away. The risk of buying these Catholic publishers has been very small and I can only guess that the original Catholic publisher didn’t have a lot of good choices.
Catholic bookstores are a difficult businesses as well and for obvious reasons. But in addition to the lack of many big sellers, the bookstores face a pricing problem with the big online sellers. A little store in my neighborhood is called appropriately The Little Way.  It’s a mom and pop store with a good collection of Catholic books and supply of many Catholic gifts and religious items. The Little Way has fallen on hard times and just wants to see if they can get through the next several months.  In order to do that they have a Go Fund Me page. It is easy to tell people how to spend their money–anyone can do it.  But I think it’s appropriate to say that this store is one that many people would like to see continue.