There are stories in various media sites today reporting that Chicago Sportscaster Chet Coppock died from injuries received in a car accident near Hilton Head, North Carolina.

Here is the Chicago Bears story (click here).

As a Chicago sports fan I would say that the thing that stands out to me about Coppock was that he was never dull. He was one of those guy who reported sports and it always felt important. He was well-entrenched in Chicago media for a long time–he had great contacts. He seemed to know all the right people. I recently read one of his books:  Laying It On the Line and like the sportscaster himself, it was certainly not dull. I tried to find out how many books Coppock wrote, but I think I will let some more experienced researcher write that story.  There are some books on Amazon, but I know he wrote more than what they have listed–I suspect there are many more than show up on a Google search.

Chet was a bit of an encyclopedia of Chicago sports that he reported on and served as an announcer. He had a long memory.  He also had his opinions and was not shy about expressing them. He has been called “The Godfather of Chicago Sports Talk Radio.”

From working on books with Patrick McCaskey, I read some things by Chet wrote and said about the Bears and George “Papa Bear” Halas.  I know he was a big fan.  I also listened to a Podcast recently by Pat Williams, the ex-sports executive and the man who started the Chicago Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Williams Inside the Game podcast (click here) with Pat McCaskey led me to find the 2016 podcast (click here)  with Chet Coppock (second interview on this show).

Chet had many fans and his loss will be felt by many.