The Chargers are in the third season under Head Coach Anthony Lynn. The problem with the Charges is that they happen to be in the same conference as the New England Patriots. Last year the Chargers had a 12-4 regular season mark. They beat the Ravens in a Wild Card game, but lost the Patriots in a division playoff game.

Phillip Rivers is the very capable QB of the Chargers. Rivers has been playing for the Chargers since 2004–he is one of the senior QBs in the league.  Rivers is in his 16th season.  River and the Chargers were very good under Norv Turner and had three playoff appearances in a row under him (2007-1009). Under Marty Schottenheimer they had 2 playoff appearances (2004 & 2006).  In 2004 and 2005, Rivers played behind Drew Brees. In 2004-2009, LaDainian Tomlinson was there to help things along.

This season, the Chargers have fallen on hard times just as the Bears have slipped the past few games.  The reasons for the trouble are different at each club. But both teams will be out to prove they are better than their records and they will also be pressing hard to right their ship. For the Bears, pressing seems to be problem in that they have been playing very tight. This has not escaped Coach Matt Naggy and he had been assuring his players to keep it loose and they will see better results.