Grandson of George Halas, Vice President of the Chicago Bears, and author of the Sports and Faith Series–Patrick McCaskey was at the Little Way Store this past Saturday in Crystal Lake. The author was signing his latest book, Worthwhile Struggle and meeting those who stopped in to see him. The Little Way is at 50 Brink Street in downtown Crystal Lake right across from the Starbucks.

Proprietors Rick and Monica Savaiano were there to welcome McCaskey and customers.  For those who could not make the event, there are some signed copies that can be purchased–just call 815-455-4877. Worthwhile Struggle is $20 per copy.

There are Bear fans who think this year’s team might lead to something special–dare we suggest 1985! And if you want something special this year for Christmas, birthdays, Fathers Day–Worthwhile Struggle might just check all the boxes. Worthwhile Struggle is the fourth book in the Sports and Faith Series published by Sporting Chance Press of Crystal Lake. Each chapter is titled after one of the author’s 10 Commandments of Football, principles based on McCaskey’s life with the Chicago Bears and reflecting his own distinctive sense of humor. The book includes vignettes of athletes such as Tom Waddle, Bill Wennington, and Sister Jean of Loyola University (who also graces the cover). McCaskey family stories, Bears history, and sports questions/answers round out the sports coverage. For the faith component, stories of saints and McCaskey’s Biblical poems are included. Struggle is a theme that is clearly seen and understood in sports, which serves as a metaphor for life lessons in the Series.

Photo: Rick Savaiano and Patrick McCaskey at the Little Way.