Mike Hartenstine was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He played high school ball at Liberty High School there. Hartenstine was an All American at Penn State. At 6 foot 3 and 251 pounds he played on the defensive line for the Bears from 1975-1986.

Hartenstine was one of many Bears defensive players who was a hard hitter. Hartenstine played mostly defensive end, but he could also play tackle in Buddy Ryan’s defense.

In 1985, the ends were filled by  6-foot-5, Dan Hampton and Richard Dent. Hartenstine played starting right defensive tackle for half the season and William Perry played the balance.  Steve McMichael was the other tackle. Any way  you cut it, the Bears line was an  extremely difficult challenge for opposing teams. Hartenstine finished out his career with the Minnesota Vikings in 1987. He is listed among the 100 Greatest Bears of All Time. He was on the Bears Super Bowl XX team of 1985.

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