Certainly one of the 100 Greatest Bears of All Time would be Robbie Gould. Gould was born in Jersey Shore Pennsylvania and played for Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania where he ran track and played football, soccer, and basketball. He was a walk-on kicker for Penn State University. As an undrafted free agent for the Patriots, he was released in preseason and then failed to make the Baltimore Ravens squad.  This is common for kickers because often they are in camp to create some competition even though a team may have a good kicker on the roster. Another consideration for managing punters and kickers is that a team may not have a suitable backup on their roster. So an injury often requires more immediate work to replace him even if it is in response to a short term injury. Historically, when a kicker reaches a certain age, it is more likely that a team will think about making a replacement in the off season rather than deal with injuries mid season.

Gould took a few months off and worked in construction before the Bears called. In October he was signed onto the Bears. By 2006, he was breaking Bear records and then breaking the consecutive field goal mark formerly held by Kevin Butler. Gould kicked for the Bears from 2005 to 2015. Gould signed the largest contract for kickers in late 2013, but he suffered an injury in 2014. Gould was released by the Bears in 2016 and picked up by the New York Giants that year. He signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 1017. Gould have proven himself to be a very durable kicker.

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