The instinctive drive to compete and to win was what George Halas had and what George Halas valued. Halas had used many  “colorful” words in his coaching vocabulary, the kind of language that was likely to get players’ attention. But when Halas described the instinctive quality to compete and win combined with a penchant to action that separated the men from boys on the football field he used an old term that may sound strange to fans today: the “Old Zipperoo.”

Dick Butkus had “the old zipperoo.”

During Halas’s playing days, he broke his jaw, and his leg, twisted ankles and knees, and bruised and broke ribs. None of those injuries discouraged him for long. He love players who felt the same way he did, he loved those players with “the old zipperoo!”

Image: George Halas biographical montage by illustrator Bill Potter, Copyright 2014, by Sporting Chance Press