In the early days of professional football, many people did not believe it would last. Record keeping and reporting was not a priority, but owners and league officials started to save information and eventually passed much of the physical artifacts and records to the National Football Hall of Fame, which is a museum “that pays tribute to the talents and triumphs of pro football’s greatest legends.”  The Bears’ George Halas was involved from the earliest days in these critical activities.

On June 22, 1979, the Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA) was founded in Canton, Ohio, as a non-profit organization. “The purposes of the organization are to foster the study of professional football as a significant and athletic institution; to establish an accurate historical account of professional football; and to disseminate research information.” The PFRA issues a newsletter called The Coffin Corner that features research articles. The Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA) looks deep into teams’ histories.

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PAPA BEAR AND THE CHICAGO BEARS’ WINNING WAYS reviews the exciting story of George Halas and his dynamic role in professional football for those in middle school and older. Halas who was present in the first days of the National Football League (NFL) all the way into the modern age of football. Author Patrick McCaskey, a Chicago Bears Vice President and Director, is a grandson of Papa Bear George Halas. McCaskey highlights his grandfather’s life with key events from the 20th century. McCaskey follows Halas as a student, athlete, soldier, coach, team owner—a man of commerce and community. Halas’s 20th century path is laid out before readers.