All-Pro Teams

The notion of the All-Pro teams was established in 1922 and continues to this day. John Hogrogian wrote briefly about those efforts in the Professional Football Researchers Association (PFRA) COFFIN CORNER: Vol. 5, No. 7. The All-Pro concept appeared about the time when the American Professional Football Association became the National Football League. Like so many early NFL ideas, it was originated by George Halas. Two of the NFL’s leading figures (George Halas and Guy Chamberlin) memorialized the debut season with their own All-Pro selections. All-Pro honors are intended to be given to the top players in each offensive and defensive position with a few more spots for special team players. All-Pro teams were selected by the NFL, but now have been selected from Press Polls for many years by sports writers with results listed by various news syndicates.  The Associated Press, The Sporting News, and others designate All-Pro players each year.  Bill George holds the record for Chicago Bears AP All-Pro selections with eight. Mike Singletary and Bulldog Turner hold second place with seven and Danny Fortmann follows with six.

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