Trace Armstrong was born in Bethesda Maryland, but went to high school at John Carroll Catholic High School in Birmingham, Alabama. He played linebacker and defensive end. He attended Arizona State where he played on the defensive line and finished off his college career at the University of Florida. Drafted in the first round by the Chicago Bears, the 6-foot-4, 275 pound lineman played with Bears from 1989-1994 as an every-down defensive end. While playing regularly in Chicago,  he had 42 sacks and 392 tackles. He was traded to Miami in 1995 and played there for another 6 seasons. In Miami, they would often deploy him in more specialized situations as a pass rusher. He ended his career in Oakland. He had 106 career sacks and 622 tackles.

Armstrong was invited to the Pro Bowl in 2000. He was named one of the Bears 100 Greatest Players of All Time.

Armstrong went on to get a law degree and is today a popular sports agent especially representing coaches. He was the President of the NFL Players Association from 1996-2004.

Image: Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways cover, illustration by Bill Potter.

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