Dick Barwegen was born in Chicago and went to Fenger High School.  For college, he enrolled at Purdue where he played football for the Boilermakers at guard and tackle. Barwegen’s first 3 years in professional football were with teams in the All-American Football Conference, a rival league to the NFL that started in 1946 and lasted through 1949. These were turbulent times for the NFL after the war. Barwegan played for the New York Yankees in 1947 and the Baltimore Colts in 1948-1949. The AAFC was disbanded after the 1949 season, but three teams were absorbed into the NFL: the Cleveland Browns, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Baltimore Colts. Barwegan played for the Bears for three seasons: 1950-1952.  He returned to the Colts in 1953-1954, after they had become an official NFL Team. He played in Canada with the Ottawa Rough Riders for one year to finish out his playing career. Barwegen was an All Pro for 4 seasons and invited to the Pro Bowl 4 times.  Barwegen has been named to the Top 100 Bears of All Time list.

The Professional Football Researchers Association has named Barwegen as a player in their “Hall of Very Good,” a concept that  seeks to honor outstanding players and coaches who are not in the Hall of Fame.

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