In 1987, the National Football League Players strike came right after game two of the new season. NFL teams hired replacement players and the season was restarted with them and other players who crossed the picket line on October 4, 1987 and continued for three games.  The Bears replacement players were dubbed by some as “spare Bears.” The strike created a certain amount of animosity between regular players and Coach Mike Ditka when the coach supported the replacement players and praised their work, while others vilified them.  The Bears were 2-1 with their replacement players. The Bears lost the Divisional round of the playoffs to the Washington Redskins who went on to win the Super Bowl XXII.

Words in ital. are vocabulary words for students (we also use ital. for book titles)–in this post the vocabulary words are for the 8th grade. Have your kids and grandkids read our posts on Chicago Bears Terms to help them in school. 

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Image: Photo by Daniel Norris, Tokyo.