In the early days of professional football, the public thought the college game was superior in every way.  Many believed the professional game was an abomination and ruinous to the sport.  The slightest problem in the professional ranks was used to suggest that professional football had no place in society.
The NFL worked hard to improve its image, but was ineffective initially in controlling some bad practices.  Teams sometimes used college players for games during the college off season or signed on players before they finished school.  Changes were made through tougher rules.  Early NFL President Joe Carr weeded out some bad practices and was applauded for his efforts to clean things up.  Carr also helped regulate the number of teams allowed into the league, which improved the viability of teams and helped make the league more professional.
Today’s Commissioner has no easy job either. Team leaders need to be conscientious and value character.
Today, most people recognize the efforts that teams are putting  out to select and maintain good-character athletes.  They need to be deliberate in a culture that has formidable problems. Certainly, the Bears work towards acquiring players of strong character and they give them every opportunity to practice what they preach. There will be setbacks, but valuing character in player acquisitions is a good step for football.
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