Dick Plasman

Dick Plasman was an excellent end from Vanderbilt University who personified toughness and played with reckless abandon.  Plasman played for the Chicago Bears from 1937-1941 and 1944. In addition to his “take no prisoners” style of play, Plasman was the last man to play without a football helmet in the NFL. Plasman was a popular Bear.

In a Bears-Packers game in Wrigley Field in 1938, he ran into the Wrigley Field wall at the end of the short end zone.  Some described the laceration Plasman received as a scalping, but he recovered and continued to play that season.  Various renditions of this story appear in practically comprehensive volume of Bears and NFL history. Plasman went into the service during World War II.  When Plasman returned to play ball after the war, he donned the newly required, no-exceptions, protective helmet like everyone else.

For the Bears, Plasman had 56 receptions for 1,083 yards and 7 touchdowns. He was invited to 2 Pro Bowls and ranked in the top 10 for receptions for twice.

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Image: Photo by Daniel Norris