Steve “Mongo” McMichael was born in Houston, Texas. His family moved 100 miles due south from San Antonio to Freer, Texas.  McMichael played 6 sports at Freer High School including football. He was highly recruited by colleges. He attended the University of Texas and played defensive tackle for the Longhorns. In college, he was a consensus All-American who would later be inducted into the College Hall of Fame. McMichael was drafted and played for the New England Patriots in 1980 and he played one year for the Green Bay Packers in 1994. He was all-Bears in the seasons between–1981-1993. Mike Ditka called McMichael the toughest player he ever coached. McMichael said the Bears were a good team for him because they  judged you by how you played.

It was 1983 when “Mongo” broke into the starting lineup. In his 13 years on the Bears, McMichael had 92.5 sacks, 814 tackles, 3 safeties, and 2 interceptions. He was an All Pro twice and invited to the Pro Bowl twice. McMichael played a key role for the Bears in their 1985 Championship season.  McMichael played alongside Dan Hampton, Richard Dent, and William Perry on the defensive line.

McMichael was named one of the Top 100 Bears Players in Franchise History selected by Dan Pompei and Don Pierson.


Photo by Daniel Norris


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