Coach Wayne Gordon

You won’t often see Coach Wayne Gordon’s name in the headlines or his face on television. And yet, he has been one of Chicago’s movers and shakers for over 40 years. But Coach Gordon isn’t about pulling political strings for his own sake or his friends. He is about selflessly helping others get a fair shake, helping others succeed, helping others build their own healthy community and helping others to live faithfully. The Coach, as he likes to be called, is about coaching others to do what needs to be done.

Coach Wayne Gordon was raised in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Gordon graduated from Wheaton College in 1975. He moved into the Lawndale Community after finishing school at Wheaton College and within a few years, he and a group of people in the neighborhood started the Lawndale Community Church. Coach Gordon and others established the Lawndale Christian Development Center and the Lawndale Christian Health Center. Coach Gordon gets high marks for creating indigenous leaders in the community. His “coaching tree” is long and impressive!

Coach Gordon is covered in Sports and Faith: Stories of the Devoted and the Devout, Worthwhile Struggle, and mentioned him in Sports and Faith: More Stories of the Devoted and the Devout and Pilgrimage.