I am posting one of Pat McCaskey’s Poems About  the Gospel each day online. Bible Study groups are wonderful, but by doing this daily posting, I am giving myself a little extra Bible Study each day.

Our book, Poems About the Gospel, features 150 short works written by Patrick McCaskey and each poem provides the author’s own take on an individual passage of one of the Evangelists that are often read at Mass and other Christian services. The poems reveal the thoughts and feelings of a modern man responding to the Gospel with faith, humility, and humor. The author’s poems remind us that the Christian faith is just as alive today as ever, and the inspired writings live alongside all our foibles and culture. The author’s sense of reality rushes in at unexpected times with a “time out” for humor. Readers are struck with all the author’s variety of thoughts that fall as they might, but never take away from the faith distilled.

Some of the poems we have posted online are published in print in Poems About the Gospel, which we published within the last year. Some poems are new and will be printed in a new volume simply called Poems About the Gospel II.

I have been working in books my entire life and certainly have an affinity for them. I love our poems book and took special care in the look and feel of the book. Pat’s poems almost always have some little wrinkle of humor and I think he does a wonderful jobs of being funny without being irreverent.  Poems are often personal and readers will get a sense of McCaskey’s cultural favorites that pop up. Perry  Como, Seamus Heaney, the Quiet Man, and dozens of other cultural icons intermingle with saints, popes, religious figures, etc., as well as the Bears, sports figures and personal acquaintances.