The Bears picked up Cornelius Lucas back in January. Lucas is a huge man, 6-foot-9, and 328 pounds. He is an offensive tackle and has been on the Lions, Rams and Saints.  He has not seen much playing time, mostly in his first 2 years in the league with the Lions. Bears fans can appreciate good offensive linemen after going through some lean times on the line. We wish Lucas every success.

In the last few months all 32 NFL teams have picked up a number of new players to evaluate before the season starts.

Time of Year

The professional ranks are pretty thin compared to the number of college players, although it seems like there are many professional players. For many players, the rewards are high, but it doesn’t usually work that way for others. In the coming months we see teams and fans embrace new faces and then see them move on. Even someone who cracks the professional ranks for a few years, the step down can be difficult. You’d like to wish all the pros great success and also wish those who leave success in their own “new” field whether its sports median, coaching, education, training or one of the hundreds of other things that people find themselves in.  On the positive side, even if their careers are short, they made it to a place where most mortals never get.  They have glory years to look back on in college and high school, but as we all know, y0u don’t want to look back too often or too long. Life is always moving forward.  Some of the greatest coaches in NFL history were forward looking people and certainly those men and others would tell former players to keep looking ahead and get on with their lives once they are finished in the NFL. This is one of the life lessons that perhaps is the most challenging and we see a lot of it in the months before the season starts.