Debits and Credits Never Equal Outside the Ledger


Debits and credits never equal outside the ledger

Though we try to measure all matter of things that way

We know in God’s eye, the widow’s mite was highly valued

And the rich man’s coin was for naught if he gave pompously.


God gives extra credit to a childrearer though imperfect

And He loves mothers who care deeply for their unborn

With a tenacity that preempts any thought of her rights

And trumps any suffering and circumstance faced.


God also blesses those who have no children

but love nieces and nephews and others with passion

and love when they are young and pretty

and continue when they age and become rascals.


No life is not measured in exactitudes

And we are asked to forgive 7 x 70

And we are asked to love those who deserve no love

And pray that they snap out of it.

by Lawrence M. Norris

Author of The Brown and White.


Copyright 2021, Sporting Chance Press


Image is photo of my  great grandmother, Copyright 2020, Sporting Chance Press