There are many changes going on and I think many people are not seeing the complete picture–and much of it involves words. I was looking at those online dictionaries today to see how “faith” is being defined. I saw a kind of generic definition: “belief or confidence in something or someone.”  I looked at an older dictionary that I have in my home and the first definition of “faith” was “belief in God.” If you think tools that are run on technology and the internet just provide the same content in a different media, you might want to think again. The technology sources are rethinking things and providing their version of the truth. That might be OK with you, but I am not liking it.

A prominent cleric has written that today’s greatest fear with  young people is fear of losing their currency in technology. A young person who isn’t up on the latest phone or app is thought to be dead meat. It’s not about raising a good family, living up to responsibilities of parenthood, or dedicating yourself to a vocation that serves others.  And God knows it is not about getting to heaven, or even avoiding going the hell. Both these realities are taken with less seriousness than zombies or alien invasions.

Instead of church, today’s Sunday mornings are loaded with political controversies on television or a nice jog through the neighborhood. For most TV programs, religion is dead and gone. Disney is featuring a Bart Simpson mooning on its commercial. One of the local channels here had a cartoon “Jesus” as some kind of joke.  I am “sure” if you did tune in there was some way to explain it all away.

If you hold traditional Christian values, you are now categorized as an extremist.