If you have been a football fan for as long as I have, you probably have some idea of just how difficult it is to secure, train, and keep a good quarterback. Most of us knew that Mitchell Trubisky was going to be a work in progress based on his lack of playing time in college, but we also knew he had tremendous talent.  In the last couple years, he has also shown the qualities that are necessary for a great quarterback. But in the modern world, a football club can hardly announce to fans that it is going to be a few years yet before a team comes together as an elite team. The fact that the Bears defense blossomed last year so quickly made expectations very high for 2019, but when injuries hit the roster, it was a problem. Opposing teams also managed to focus on fighting the Bears strengths. Equally important is the fact that we are a few players short of where we need to be.  The deficits the Bears have are not necessarily easy for the average fan to see, but they are out there–as they are out there with most teams as the season closes.

Nagy has a lot of football knowledge and he is learning the strengths and weaknesses of his rosterin his role as Bears head coach–a learning curve is expected unless a team hires Bill Belichick. But I like the Bears coaches and players. I believe in the current program. And as the Bears improve, the Bears coaches and staff also see the team needs more clearly.

Robinson has over a 100o yards receiving and Miller is over 600. Cohen and Gabriel are over 300, but the tight ends are barely on board. This is a marked difference between the Bears and their competition. The Packers have three tight ends that have combined for over 600 yard. New Orleans tight end Jared Cook has almost 600 by himself. Even the Patriots which has been unable to replace Gronkowski has three tight ends that combines for about 400. The Bears staff know the problem in tight end production is critical, but moving from one end to another has not solved it. A few injuries to the most promising tight ends has not helped.

Still, the trows Trubisky made in last week’s game were amazing. If you study the great quarterback coaches ( such as Bill Walsh–see Pillars of the NFL) you know that a good coach brings out the talent and skills–the potential of the quarterback.  Yes, Trubisky needs to be more consistent, but football is a team sport. You can see the passing game coming along and receivers like Allen Robinson can make you look good. The injuries Trubisky has had this year made it more effective to keep his running in check for several games while he continued to heal. I am not sure why few in sports media seem to recognize that?

I don’t want to sit here and draw a list of Bears quarterbacks of the past that could not hold a candle to Trubisky, but it would be long. I also thought that for fans it was really hard to watch a game when you know your QB might be near flawless, but he might also be good for only 1 or 2 touchdowns a game because of limited talent.  A 7 point lead by opponents could spell doom for the team as early as halftime.  Next season, Trubisky will be seasoned more and the line will improve, the running game improves and the receivers will be more numerous. We have a great core, but we have some holes to fill. I don’t know enough to know just how close we are, but I believe it is coming.

I see Trubisky on the news saying that he appreciated Nagy’s patience and confidence in him while everyone else thinks otherwise.  I want to go on record as saying that there are many Bears fans who are happy to have him on the team. We are not part of that “everyone.” We have seen a lot of game managers and we look forward to a quarterback who has the talents to make all the throws and either buries an opposing team quickly or leads a team back from a deficit depending upon the game situation.

I look forward to the next few games and I especially look forward to next season as Nagy and his staff keep making improvements and adjustments. I think it is only a matter of time, when Trubisky and a little more offensive talent are smoking the league with a great offense and the defense is sending chills down opposing coaches. There will be no better place than Chicago.