Good News: Fasting Is Not Everlasting
Matthew 9:14-15
Disciples of John and the Pharisees
Griped because the apostles did not fast.
Jesus wanted the apostles to eat
While He was with them. They could fast later.

Saint Augustine said fast to be humble.
Cry out in prayer. Mortify the body.
Turn your back on the pleasures of the flesh.
Hunger and thirst lead to truth and wisdom.

Johnny Carson asked fat Jackie Vernon,
“Is it true that fat people are jolly?”
Jackie Vernon was portly. He replied,
“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask some fat guy?”

After I fast all night, my stomach’s in flight.
I break my fast with a healthy breakfast.

Patrick McCaskey

Taken from Sportsmanship, Copyright 2020 Sporting Chance Press