We have been publishing sports books for over a decade at Sporting Chance Press and I have been in the book business for over 50 years. Young people start out in life as a somewhat of a blank slate. They are affected  by many things. Some of them good, some of them bad. If you have children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces that you’d like to see grow up healthy and happy, you can work to expose them to good things. It helps when everyone in the family is onboard. Kids will fill voids in their life, just as adults. This is more apparent today than ever before because people walk around with their electronic gadgets entertaining themselves and filling spaces. Modern people seem to hate quiet time. Modern people can often be cause-driven as well. But often those causes are bad and  they are promoted by the worst of people with gigantic influence.  I am not out to convince poeple what causes are bad, but with our books we try to promote the good. People who fill their lives with good are less likely to have voids that can be filled with the bad.  Does that sound controversial?

Sports can provide discipline, exercise, fresh air, and many introductions to life lessons. Baseball is one sports where excellent life lessons are fundamental to principles that are part and parcel of the game. If you played baseball as a child and were coached well, think of the principles your coach tried to teach you:

Take the bat off your shoulder–Act

Do things for the good of the team–Sacrifice

Listen to your coaches and the umpire–Respect authority

Play according to the rules and play fair–Practice Self Control

Encourage your teammates–Support others

Play hard until the last out in the game–Never give up

Don’t focus on mistakes–Focus on what’s next

Don’t make excuses–Keep improving

One game follows another–Think positive

These are just a few of the positive themes that are promoted with sports.

We try to encourage some of these “good things” and many more in our book for teens called Baseball’s Winning Ways and a book for all baseball enthusiasts called The 10 Commandments of Baseball.