A sports fan’s life can be weary

Especially after a season that is dreary.

It’s the ending that is often the trouble

When the last loss just pops your bubble.


But each new season promises such treasure

A fun way to spend warmly your leisure.

And off-seasons can provide such hope

Yes, our young new QB is just “dope!”


Coach talks a good game as the season approacheth

But later good words can be hard to bespoketh.

As injuries mount and the team’s rankings fall

It can be hard to be enthusiastic watching football.


Then one season lo there is no crash

All bets payout with plenty of cash

And it’s our team that is in the news

On a February day with great TV reviews.


The final big game it ends with bang

And who was it that at halftime sang?

We believe our team is made up of saints

For this year the fat lady finishes and faints.


Lawrence Norris

Copyright 2020, Sporting Chance Press