We are working on book four in our Sports and Faith Series, called Worthwhile Struggle.  It is out at our printer, Thomson Shore in Dexter, Michigan.  Unlike popular automobiles, like Honda’s CR-V (1997 to present) or Toyota’s RAV4 (1994-to present), our series is on its fourth edition.
And Worthwhile Struggle is a fitting title that describes many people’s lives today. We have an eye on the prize and keep going forward even when things get tough.
Patrick McCaskey

The author of the Sports and Faith Series is Patrick McCaskey of the Chicago Bears. Pat’s latest title, Worthwhile Struggle, includes many of the sports stories that Pat puts in his books including some personal ones about growing up as a member of the McCaskey-Halas family. Membership in such a family certainly involves some privileges, but it also involves duty and responsibility.  Duty is an integral part of the McCaskey family even long before the Bears came into the picture.  Pat’s family includes a strong history of military service, teachers and other vocations that involve serving others.

Our Sports and Faith Series offers a variety of content. We have stories of athletes (both men and women) who put down their sports shoes and take up the Religious habit. We have vignettes on athletes at many different levels who not only seek to do something good, but who “take up the cross.”  Historical figures grace our pages. A cardinal on one page, astronauts on another, a comedian steps up on another, and then there are McCaskey  aunts and uncles that are written about often with great affection. Part of Pat’s work with the Bears has involved decades of outreach and many presentations and speeches.  We capture selections of that in the books.
Pat is also a Seamus Heaney fan and some of the great poet’s thoughts have found a place in our goals.  As Seamus Heaney would say, “doing the right thing for the reward of doing the right thing…chosen values opted for and stood by.”