George Trafton

Hall of Famer George Trafton was a 6-foot-2, 230 pound bull who loved to mix it up.  Hated by opposing teams for his aggressive play and loved by his teammates for his winning contributions, Trafton played center for the Staleys/Bears right from the start, 1920-1932 (except took year off in 1922 to assist at Northwestern). Certainly, one of the best quotes on an early player was about the Bears’ great center: “Trafton was strongly disliked in every NFL city, with the exception of Green Bay and Rock Island. In those places he was hated.” (Robert W. Pearson, Pigskin, the Early Years of Pro Football.)  Trafton was a 2-time All-Pro and played for the 1921 Chicago Staleys Championship Team.

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