I remember one of the my mother’s treasures was an old edition of Wuthering Heights. She had the edition  shown from Random House with the beautiful wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg. Through my mother, I knew the power of books in people’s lives and I have spent a lifetime in the book business.

I still can’t help but think that something tangible like a book that someone might hang onto for years and perhaps decades is likely to make much more of an impression on someone than an electronic file. If your son or grandson has a bookcase these days, a book he keeps can be read now for information, entertainment, and even companionship. My mother loved her family, but her favorite books were in fact her special companions in a different way. She had six noisy children and a husband as well, but her books were her companions that gave her something all her own on her own terms. They made no demands on her and they were always available 24/7. .

At Sporting Chance Press, we are not publishing anything like Wuthering Heights, but I do think we have a few books that make great companions for a boy in 2021.  Baseball’s Winning Ways is one of them. Baseball’s Winning Ways is a book for junior high school and older boys. It is written  by a baseball enthusiast who has studied the game at every level, J. D. Thorne. The book has much that entertains a reader about the game: baseball history, baseball biographies, and discussions on stats, baseball superstitions, and more. Baseball’s Winning Ways also discussion about American history that went on as baseball developed. And just as important is the winning ways self-help component that will also make the book much more of a companion.

Illustrator Bill Potter created the cover art and the baseball card-like illustrations we call Curveball Quizzes. Historic photos help break up the content and make the book more readable. Learning aids have been added to make the book suitable for school assignments and libraries.