In my life as I grow older I find at times that I lose touch with things that were second nature to me when I was younger. I think of my role as a father and there were many times I responded to the actions of my children, seldom having to think or ponder on some event. I had confidence in my abilities. Sure, if what I had done or how I handled that event did not get the results that I wanted, I would take a harder look at it and make some adjustment.

I find that the world today seems to be such a moving target, it’s easy to get confused and start to reach for solutions in odd places.  When I do this, I call myself back to reality and try to think and pray harder. I should know this, I’ve got this, I tell myself.

There was time when I felt the grace of God in a very pervasive way. I felt God’s favor and mercy directed at me personally regardless of how little I deserved it.  At the same time, I felt like that God’s grace gave me confidence to go out and conduct my life in a way that was perhaps pleasing to God.  Life is easier when we are surrounded by God’s grace. Grace makes our faith alive and our lives alive with faith.