I was taking a walk near my house this morning before the rains come (according to the weather man I watch) and I ran into a neighbor walking her dog (at a safe distance). She mentioned that is was tough on the dog–the social distancing. The doggie was a very sociable animal and she really missed meeting up with folks. It must be very tough on her I said and I mentioned that it has been while since I saw my grandkids. Among many of the difficulties these days, most grandparents miss seeing their families. One of my daughters did a few Zoom conferences with us, but her two boys, both under 4, were fidgeting after a minute or two.  Others have had much more success, but I have never been crazy about the virtual world myself.

Since Corona time, I have been working very hard on a couple book projects.  One of the recent projects is with Patrick McCaskey (our books are here on our website and available on Amazon). Pat is the grandson of George Halas, who knew first hand over 100 years ago how football can excite people and take them away from their worries and woes for a few hours. In fact, Halas was one of the very few men who managed professional football through the Great Depression, World War II, and everything else we experienced in the 20th century. For decades it was tough work–the kind of work that would give most of us a heart attack (from worry). But Halas was a look-ahead kind of man. He was not easily discouraged! His Bears along with Cardinals are the only Pro teams from the original 1920 start.

So I am going to take a cue from Papa Bear today and look positively toward the 2020 Bears season. I know a lot of grandparents, parents, and kids will be looking forward to it as well. A few positive hours a week will help make everything better.

Our latest Sports and Faith Series book by Patrick McCaskey is Sportsmanship, which includes a wonderful Chicago Bears Calendar of historical events that celebrate one piece of Bears’ history for each day of the year. Facts surrounding many Bears’ players and their achievements are found here reflecting the hundred year history of the team. See book description and listing on Amazon.


Image shown above is of Patrick McCaskey and kids from Love’s Christian Center in Kankakee.