People grow up with different skills and abilities. Their own interests will lead them to some activities more than others. Adults can find themselves enjoying sports more than when they were young. This is often because they have found something challenging yet fulfilling—they are motivated.

If you develop good habits of behavior you will likely have some success whether it is in sports, work, hobbies, and other activities.  This is something we point out in Papa Bear and the Chicago Bears’ Winning Ways by Patrick McCaskey (watch for more on this forthcoming print book soon). We provide a little history, a little biography, and a lot of good ideas on virtue that go back to George Halas (and back to Ben Franklin).

The fact is that George Halas was successful beyond expectations. He showed great virtue and made things work regardless of circumstance in the long haul. We need to think back on people like George Halas who were pragmatic, yet never let the world get them down for very long.

Ben Franklin was a great thinker, writer, and statesman. He would often sit down and think of solutions to problems. He didn’t solve every problem, but he did a lot of good. We introduce one of Franklin’s ideas on forming habits of virtue. He used charts and suggested people spend some time every evening and record on these charts just how they were doing. It may sound very simple, but as a parent I wish I had used this system when my kids were young. Having a formal means of reminding kids that becoming virtuous is worth pursuing is certainly worthwhile.

I was researching a new book we are doing on baseball and came across a great parenting idea. Young Darek Jeter was asked by his parents to sign a contract each year that pointed out what behavior was acceptable what behavior was unacceptable.

Good habits can help kids succeed. If they put some effort into what they do and it will help build confidence and achieve success.