In Worthwhile Struggle, our fourth book in the Sports and Faith Series, each of the first 10 chapters is titled from the author Patrick McCaskey‘s popular “10 Commandments of Football”—principles based on the author’s growing up in the Halas-McCaskey family with the Chicago Bears.

McCaskey has narrowed the football commandments to these 10 principles. 

The Ten Commandments of Football

I. Football is a wonderful game. There’s blocking and tackling and much, much more. Be enthusiastic.
II. Weddings, births, and vacations should take place during the off-seasons.
III. Remember the Hupmobile and the original meeting.
IV. All previous games are preparation for the next one.
V. Obey the personal conduct policy.
VI. Work for the good of the league.
VII. Win championships with sportsmanship.
VIII. You shall not criticize the officials.
IX. You shall not covet other teams’ coaches or players.
X. Game times are tentative and subject to flexible scheduling.

Worthwhile Struggle features inspirational stories of exemplary athletes together with accounts of Patrick McCaskey’s personal experiences. Spending his time on faith-based initiatives and charitable causes, McCaskey is passionate about promoting the good—the focus of this series.  
In addition to many sports stories, Worthwhile Struggle includes quiz questions—often part of McCaskey’s popular presentations. In the final chapter, some of the Bears Vice President’s biblical poems are on display. There you will find the author’s personal celebrations on faith, struggles, and salvation. And in each chapter, there is a story of one of the great saints–like Saint Joan. McCaskey humor and enthusiasm weaves it all together in this fourth book of the Sports and Faith Series.