I should not be surprised when I catch a few minutes of sports radio every now and then, and someone is bemoaning the play of Mitchell Trubisky.  Trubisky  needs to settle down and take a load off his mind and start playing with confidence, but confidence doesn’t come easy with injury and youth. Certainly, Coach Matt Nagy has patience and that is very good.  And for the rest of us, Nagy has some ideas that fans might want to listen to.

I have one thought that I would suggest Bear fans take heed of today.  And that is Trubisky has all the goods a QB needs to win in today’s NFL. He is smart, he has the physical ability to pass from most anywhere, he can move around and avoid sacks, and he is a good rusher. Bears fans can think back and recall how many QB we’ve had that could not do all of those things. Confidence comes when a QB admits to himself that he has the goods and does not allow doubts to creep in.

Nagy has talked at length in his press conferences about getting the running game going and how important that is for the team–and how important it is for the passing game.  But I don’t buy the sports radio and newspaper criticisms that state that the Bears are failing because they can’t decide to stick with the running game. They suggest that Nagy should stay with it when the Bears are failing to gain yards at it.  They are suggesting that the Bears should stay with the run when they are making critical turnovers when they attempt to follow though on the run. To me it is a little like the press complaining that Trubisky is not playing like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.  I suspect the Bears can run on some teams and they cannot on others right now.

It seemed like Latavius Murray did the Bears in with the Saints running game.  He was a load and maybe the Bears were a little less stout with Akiem Hicks out. Murry gained 119 yards, which is good; he had 27 carries for 2 touchdowns. I’d have to assume that Sean Payton looked at Oakland’s Josh Jacobs’s 26 rushes for 123  yards and 2 touchdowns against the Bears. Other than the Raiders and the Saints, the Bears opponents have not displayed much of a running game.  At the same time you see some huge ups and downs in the success of the running game overall. Ezekial Elliot of the Cowboys did not get his yards against the Saints and Packers.  Dalvin Cook is the reading rusher in the NFL right now, but he was sub-par against the Bears and the Eagles.  I suppose injuries might have been present, but it’s not unusual for inconsistencies at this time in the running game even from very good teams.  As the season gets further underway, maybe that will change.

Smart coaches would probably state their situation much like the Bears: They need the run to fee up the pass; they need the pass to free up the run. The offense needs to stay on the field long enough to relieve the defense. I can understand that, but getting it all to work is not that easy. Nagy points out that the Bears players certainly want to do everything right and are willing to work hard to get there. Let’s see if they live up to their potential.